viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Ripper Street: New Funding Partner May Save the Show! // Ripper Street: nuevos fondos podrían salvar la serie!

 Parece ser que los rumores que apuntaban a la cancelación de la serie fueron apresurados. Nuevos fondos podrían extender el popular show hasta una tercera o cuarta temporada. Es una suerte para todos l@s amantes del género y, también, del muy querido actor Matthew MacFadyen.

No deal has been signed, it is understood, but if Ripper Street producer Tiger Aspect can successfully conclude negotiations it would mark a significant moment in the funding of UK TV drama.
It would be the first time a VOD company has stepped in to become the majority-funder of an already established UK TV drama, with the BBC effectively acquiring the show as a pre-sale. In the US VOD company Netflix has funded the return of Arrested Development.
A BBC spokeswoman said: "The BBC is looking at partnerships that could enable Ripper Street to return but at better value to licence fee payers."
In the meantime, support Ripper Street by signing the online petition, which now has over 14,000 signatures.

Source: TheGuardian.

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